Management Team

Our Managing Director, Sher S. Madra, brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Prior to joining BKM International, Mr. Madra had worked in some of the pre-eminent banking institutions throughout the world. Mr. Madra worked with Bank of India in Hong Kong for over 10 years and was a member of the team that opened Bank of India's first branch in the United States, in New York. After arriving in the United States, Mr. Madra was recruited to work with JP Morgan Chase, where he acquired valuable skills in their International Trade department. Thereafter, Mr. Madra rose through the ranks at Citibank where he was one of a select few who can claim to have been with the bank for close to 30 years. He, therefore, unlike other so-called experts, brings the hands on experience of having actually worked at almost every position within a banking institution. This type of knowledge has often resulted in BKM identifying potential risks or deficiencies in a deal that others have overlooked. Additionally, BKM has been able to find solutions to potential deals where others could not.

As a senior banker, he was the head of the Exporter LC Confirmation/Risk desk and he was the backup supervisor for the Fraud/Compliance unit for Global Trade Services. Additionally, he was responsible for maintaining relationships with key commodity traders, exporters, energy producers, manufacturers, electronics distributors and paper producers. While at Citibank, he routinely originated deals in excess of $500 million dollars for a calendar year. And, in one three year span, he originated hundreds of deals, whose total value was well over $2 billion dollars.

He was also responsible for developing trade risk mitigation solutions such as discounting buyer/supplier trade receiveables and he developed new alternatives for customers with export needs. Moreover, Mr. Madra has intimate knowledge with EXIM Bank policy and procedure as he not only attended their conferences, but, was an innovator in using their facilities to finance certain transactions. Consequently, Mr. Madra also has a great deal of knowledge about other lending structures such as AID and World Bank programs. Lastly, as part of Citibank's training curriculum, Mr. Madra participated in the following programs, both as a student and as a teacher: Trade Business Initiatives for Sales, Global Trade Finance Off-Site, FI Trade Products, Global Trade Solutions, Trading and Capital Markets Fundamentals, Country Risk, e-Awareness, Anti-Tying Compliance Training, Structure Finance and Complex Transactions, Online Fraud Awareness and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) compliance, Anti-Money Laundering.

Mr. Madra retired from banking in 2007, well ahead of the implosion that rocked the banking industry in 2008. He came out of retirement recently, due to a life-time of relationships in India, Asia and the United States who sought out his guidance, expertise and friendship to assist them in their business ventures. At BKM International, we believe that while our experience is our strength, our ultimate value is in the relationships we have made. 

While at BKM International, Mr. Madra has assisted in providing financing and expertise to a number of power project entities in India, including, but, not limited to: hydroelectric, thermal and solar plants. Further, BKM is in the process of engaging in the export and import of certain commodities based on our exclusive relationships in India and Asia. Currently, BKM's focus is with respect to commercial ventures in India, Asia and certain parts of Latin America. For some of our relationships, we have also assisted and been actively engaged with select commercial ventures in the United States.

BKM International's guiding philosophy, therefore, is that our relationships are more important than the deal. We find that for a deal or venture to have a successful future, the completed deal or venture should leave all parties feeling fully engaged and satisfied.

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