Welcome to BKM International.

BKM International possesses over 40 years of International Trade and Finance experience. Our management team having lived, worked and traveled through Hong Kong, Singapore, India, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and the United States, can provide the needed cultural, technical and legal perspectives to close certain deals. Not only does our management team possess the the trade expertise to accomplish its goals, it has the necessary contacts to help advise on deals and, where possible, expedite them to fruition.

Here at BKM, we offer four types of services:

First, we offer our dedicated services in providing our clients with the financing they need for their commercial ventures;

Second, we offer certain clients consulting services with structuring their financing and credit needs;

Third, as a company, we are actively engaged in the export and import of various products, including, but, not limited to, agricultural and food products, beverages and natural resources;

Fourth, due to the breadth of our experience and our contacts in certain foreign countries, we attempt to broker potential joint ventures where both parties can mutually benefit and expand their consumer base.